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Old 06-11-2012, 06:20 PM
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Default Re: To the Class of Spring 12

Thank you, Professor Abu-Mostafa and the Caltech staff for a very enlightening course. I came into this course with some knowledge of Machine Learning techniques but now I believe I can appreciate it as a discipline.

I don't think any amount of self-study would have enabled me to comprehend the subtleties of contamination of data sets and it hadn't even occurred to me to ask, "Is learning possible?" To find out that there was actually a mathematical foundation for that was indeed a revelation. Other memorable "moments of clarity" included really getting what SVMs were all about and how neatly Bias + Variance mapped to Ein + Eout.

I really enjoyed the lectures and tried to attend them live as often as possble. My favorite moment was back in Lecture 2 when the Professor was building up Hoeffding's Inequality term by term and he finally put the 2s in there and said, "Now, between you and me, I prefer the original formula better -- without the 2s. However, the formula with the 2s has a distinct advantage -- of being true!"

So thanks once again.

One request: Can a web page be set up where I can enter my email address to be notified of future online courses from Caltech?
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