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Default libsvm and Python

I am not familiar with libsvm.
I have succeeded to install the libsvm software for Python/windows. However I have not found any good documentation about the functions supported by Libsvm in Python. How to call the different functions, parameters, examples etc. Has anybody found a good tutorial that provides information about libsvm/Python??
I would like to check some very basic question to see if i getting it right.
It seems that there are changes in the Python interface.
I have seen in the Web some old examples using the following import statement in Python. But I cannot use this import statement (Python 2.73, libsvm 3.12).
PHP Code:
 from libsvm import *

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<pyshell#14>"line 1in <module>
from libsvm import *
ImportErrorNo module named libsvm 
Instead I am able to use this import statements:
PHP Code:
>>>from svm import *
from svmutil import 
It seems that the package "svmutil" contains the user interface functions.
Any help about finding more info is really appreciated
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