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Default Re: RBF using a library package?

Originally Posted by samirbajaj View Post
Hi all,

I have written some code in Octave to simulate the regular RBF model for questions 15 - 19 on the final.

However, mindful of the fact that I don't usually write bug-free code the first time I was wondering if anyone knew of a library/package like libsvm for regular RBF's that I could use to validate the results I'm getting.

Thanks for any pointers.


PS - On an unrelated note, these simulations are bringing my 2-year-old Mac down to its knees...vectorized code or not.

I was wondering if you will be able to get your Octave implementation of SVM with RBF working. For some weird reason my Octave implementation is not able to classify a linearly separable data which libsvm is able to do.
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