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Question Growth Function division into S1 and S2

I had one question on the book related to theory of generalization, where the dichotomies are "shuffled" in growth function. You mentioned that for (x1,x2....xn-1, xn) we take one of them in the S1 or alpha. How come then "two" of the patterns stay in S2, it should be either of the "unused" pattern that stay either of the Betas right?

For example (x1 x2 x3 x4) and lets take the pattern
1 1 1 1 (stays in alpha) we have only one remaining (1 1 1 -1) which will go to one of the betas, with -1 if we choose 1 (ending one) to go to alpha.

I understand the reformulation but the example given in lecture uses the same pattern (1 -1....1 1) and (1 -1....1 -1) to be in both betas, only 1 of them can be in any betas and the other one should be in the alpha, right?

Can you elaborate on this or clarify with example i have?
Thanks a ton!
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