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Default Re: Wow, what a ride!

I'd like to echo the sentiments posted here. When I saw the advertisement for this course I knew it was an amazing opportunity: a class at cal tech? for free? a chance to study with and learn from the best? I couldn't pass it up.

I wondered how the online format would work and had reservations about the usefulness of the online forum and the fact that the homework would be multiple choice. I was very pleasantly surprised by the usefulness of the forum, and the quality of the discussion. Many times I would read the posts and decipher their meaning for hours afterwards. My understanding of the material is much deeper for it. Likewise I was absolutely impressed by the problem sets. They were quite well designed and extraordinarily challenging.

The lectures were a pleasure to watch. Thank you to Prof Abu-Mostafa and everyone who made this possible.

Brian Emery
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