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Default Re: Thank you for an amazing class

Originally Posted by Haowen View Post
In my opinion, the most valuable element of a class is not what it covers, but what it leaves out. Anyone can try to read a textbook cover-to-cover but what a good class provides in addition is a concise distillation of which concepts are the most important, providing a map of the terrain so that after this quick walk through, we can revisit the subject and we will not be lost, we will see old friends and familiar concepts that act as signposts to help us explore further in various places that we have not been before. In this sense you have succeeded most beautifully - building concept upon concept, creating an integrated narrative out of a field that can often look so fragmented to the beginner, and never letting us fall through the cracks or wander into ground that we are not prepared for.
I appreciate your kind words, especially since what you are describing is specifically what I set out to do, so I am particularly pleased to hear feedback to that effect.
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