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Default Re: Thank you for an amazing class

Thank you Prof. Yaser for being such a nice teacher. Thanks to Prof. Magdon, Caltech staff and all friends in the forum. Thank you for your patience in replying variety of questions in the forum. This was a wonderful experience.
Teaching a difficult topic like ML with such an ease just goes on to show the hard work gone in it's preparation. When things look easy, simple and neat, be assured that lot of hard work has gone in the background to present it in a simpler way. While listening to lectures the difficult concepts start looking simpler. In my view it is very difficult to understand concepts in ML simply by reading books or articles. And finding a good teacher like Prof. Yaser around is like finding a perfect hypothesis or H={f}. . But I am fortunate to be part of this at least through online course if not in person.
As Haowen said, your teachings will act like signposts. The heavy words like RBF, SVM, regression wouldn't scare anymore when we continue to pursue our passion in ML. I hope to continue learning more things in this field.
Thank you.
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