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Default Re: Online Edition Available for purchase?

Originally Posted by porky View Post
I live in Cambodia. Amazon does not service Cambodia. In the light of Professor's comment that an online copy of the book may not be available for some time, could the Professor kindly recommend some other online books, or sits that may contain relevant articles (which would in all likelihood exclude research articles)

Thank you in advance for your assistance. It is remarkable to see an academic of your standing participating in this forum, Professor.

Thank you. We are working on having a distributor in Asia and that may be a viable option for you. As for other resources, you can look for many topics on wikipedia, and although the treatment and the notation may be different, it will help some. The notation of the book (and the course) is publicly available on the AMLbook web site.

I am sorry that you and others have had difficulty getting the book. Our reason for not going with a regular publisher with large distribution network is that publishers wanted to set a price for the book at $70+ and we did not accept that.
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