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Default Re: To the Class of Spring 12

Yaser, I couldn't get to the forum much during the exam, much as I would have liked to. When I returned, I was amazed at your tenacity and thoroughness shepherding all comers through the final. For those who liked you for your keenness and clarity previously, they now have a little insight as to your character.

To anyone reading, you all know where I went to school. Caltech's reputation is that it's great because only the most intelligent grace its campus. Well, I'm a living counterexample to that myth. But I need to refute this notion a little further for some. Caltech is what it is because only the most helpful can be found there. I saw this everywhere (faculty, staff, administration, graduate students, undergraduate students) every day I was there. The people I met would do anything in the world to help me, no matter what other commitments they had.

Finally, this has been a special course for me. Often, one's undergraduate advisor serves mainly in the role of double-checking the next term's course load. But this course let me learn a lot more from Yaser than our original roles established a quarter century ago. Another reason this course is special is its place in my decision to return to school to begin a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering this fall. I've been accepted right here in the Dayton area, and while Wright State University doesn't have the stature Caltech does, it's my plan that this new school and I will be very good for one another. Schools like Wright State fill a gap for so many which schools like Caltech cannot.
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