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Default Re: Exercises and Problems

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How is values of Eout calculated in tables on page 121 that relate to Figure 4.1?

For the table referring to Figure 4.1a, I can see using the formula in Exercise 3.4e on page 88 if the value of sigma were known since d can be inferred from the degree of polynomial fit. I don't see that formula applying to values in the table that relate to Figure 4.1b because sigma is zero.

I can see using the formula for Eout in Exercise 3.4e on page 88 in Exercise 4.2 on page 123. Is this correct?
Each part of Figure 4.1 illustrates a specific target and a specific training set. The value of E_{\rm out} in the table is calculated directly as the mean-squared error between this specific f and the g that resulted from fitting the training data shown. Later, we compute averages over targets and training sets in the more elaborate overfitting experiment.
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