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Originally Posted by tathagata View Post
Regarding Q4, which asks us to determine the break point of a 3D Perceptron, just a clarification: I am thinking that the 2D case will also be a pathological case in 3D, as it is just a special case for the 3D plane, but if there exists any setting of 4 points in 3D that can be shattered by the 3D Perceptron then break point is greater than four, since we take the maximum? (like the 2D case with collinear points for N = 3)
You are right.

Regarding Q5, as I understand it, any monotonically increasing function <= 2^N for all N, can be a possible growth function, is that correct or are there more restrictions?
There are more restrictions that were discovered in Lecture 6.

Also we have a N choose 2 term in one of the options that is not defined for N = 1, but that can be logically regarded as zero, right?
Correct. For k>N, we have {N \choose k}=0.
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