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Default Other things considered...

Dear Professor Abu-Mostafa, I join so many others that have taken this course and benefit from it in thanking you and the people at Caltech for providing the rest of the world with a window into a well-designed and very interesting course.

I took this course with two objectives in mind: one was to learn more about machine learning and real-world applications for this technology, the second was to evaluate the possibility of offering it at my university (maybe a third objective was to asses the amount of effort that translating it into Spanish would require).

The material is engaging and I enjoyed the course a lot; reading the book, doing the homeworks and interacting (just a bit in my case) with the people at the Forum opens your mind to so many possibilities!

In my case the course was interrupted (but I should quickly add "happily interrupted") by the birth of my first child. Being a novice parent I really thought I could use the time off at the hospital (I smile now that I know better) to finish the final. Needless to say, I couldn't; Sebastian (my kid) had other ideas.

However I'm satisfied with the results: the questions I did work on were correct and for the others... well, your son's trust and innocent sleep make up aplenty for it.

I hope you do take your well deserved break and surprise us shortly with another course; be it advanced machine learning, information theory, complexity or whatever your preference is, I would be eager to take it.

Thanks again,

Juan Carlos Córdova Zeceña
Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala
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