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Originally Posted by samihaq View Post
1. How to use 1-step learning for linear regression uses the term Ax + b = y,(b as a constant) as i think in the original form (w = pseudo_inv(X) * y ) it is used for Ax = y. We can take b on other side and subtract from y but then what values of b constant to use.
The constant b can be treated as a coefficient of x_0 (which is the constant 1).

2. Secondly when we have h(x) = b as hypothesis set then as it is just a constant and there are no parameters, so we cant use any learning algorithm then does it mean that we just to try a range of values for b ?
It is a constant in the sense that the value of the hypothesis does not change for different values of x, but the value of the constant itself can change from one hypothesis to another, so b should be treated as a parameter.
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