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Default Re: Good Basic Books or courses for a Novice in Machine learining

It is helpful to have a basic understanding of probability theory, linear algebra and matrices and calculus. A text for pretty much any undergraduate course in these areas would suffice, for example:

Probability and Statistics by Degroot and Schervisch
Linear Algebra by Lang
Calculus of Several Variables by Lang

These books above would all assume a basic high-school training in single variable calculus as would be found in a book like:

A First Course in Calculus by Lang

Originally Posted by rajagopalp View Post
Please suggest some basic books or courses for some one who has only basic high school Math skills and is interested to learn more on Machine learning

LFD Book and online course on "Learning From Data" and ML courses on coursera are for some one who already have good knowledge in probability and Calculus courses
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