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Post Re: Acknowledgements :)

Dear Professor Abu-Mostafa,

Two years ago I completed your excellent course on edX and soon started competing on Kaggle. It is a difficult but interesting affair, and the knowledge you shared with us always guides me. Last December I was awarded special Physics Prize Award in Kaggle competition Flavours of Physics: Finding τ → μμμ organised by CERN, Yandex, Intel and others. The competition was dealing with experiments on Large Hadron Collider. I was invited to Machine Learning workshop held at University of Zurich in February. It's important to notice that the competition in its original settings presented a subtle theoretical challenge, and my approach was directly inspired by Learning Theory you taught us. That is why a whole section of Presentation for the workshop (link, in 'docs' folder) is devoted to Learning Theory and contains references to your and Professors H.-T. Lin and M. Magdon-Ismail book. I dedicated the Presentation in gratitude to you and added your photo with Claude Shannon in Acknowledgements

Thank you again, have a nice sabbatical! I wish you to resume on-line offerings of your excellent course, and I always recommend it to my friends!

Sincerely, Alexander
Such a motivational success story, I wish you the best of luck.
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