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Default Re: VC Dimension and Degrees of Freedom

Originally Posted by cabjoe View Post
I have a question regarding degrees of freedom and their relation to the VC dimension

In Lecture 7, the professor states that the VC dimension of a hypothesis set is equal to the number of degrees of freedom and shows that this indeed holds for positive rays and positive intervals.

However in the case of a perceptron in R2, he has shown that the VC dimension is d+1, i.e. 3 but I can only see 2 degrees of freedom, the slope and intercept of the line.
Degrees of freedom are an abstraction of the effective number of parameters. The effective number is based on how many dichotomies one can get, rather than how many real-valued parameters are used. In the case of 2-dimensional perceptron, one can think of slope and intercept (plus a binary degree of freedom for which region goes to +1), or one can think of 3 parameters w_0,w_1,w_2 (though the weights can be simultaneously scaled up or down without affecting the resulting hypothesis). The degrees of freedom, however, are 3 because we have the flexibility to shatter 3 points, not because of one way or another of counting the number of parameters.
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