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Default Re: Linear Regression Classification HW2 Q5/6

Originally Posted by sandeeps View Post
I get average E_in as ~ 0.13, however the answer is shown as [Answer edited out by admin].
What I have done:
  • Generated a random line (target function)
  • Generated 100 random points; xn
  • Computed yn using target function
  • Computed w using the linear regression equation
  • Computed Ein = mean(h(x) != yn) i.e. number of values incorrectly estimated by w
  • Repeated the above steps 1000 times and averaged Ein

What have I done wrong?
The steps seem fine. Can you visually check if the hypothesis line makes sense in a few of the runs?

BTW, if you want to discuss specific answers (chosen or excluded), you need to do so in a thread whose title starts with the warning *ANSWER* per the announcement above.
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