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Default Re: Availability Outside the USA?

Originally Posted by dudefromdayton View Post
Amazon fulfills these orders directly, so it's not a mom and pop shipping operation. Do they not do well in the UK shipping from the US? That's interesting.
It might be different in the UK than it is in other European countries, but there of course is a custom limit if you import items from the US, no matter whether you buy from amazon or a small retailer. The annoying thing for people living in Austria (like me) is that you pay a completely disproportional additional fee to the Austrian post service aside from the marginal custom-tax.

Originally Posted by yaser
The book is available from Amazon at US, but not from the international Amazon branches. Quite a number of people have already ordered it from the UK in particular, and I have not heard of any customs issues.
Thanks for the info, I'll just give it a try then.
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