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Thumbs up Appreciation for the book

I am a ML novice and recently started to learn through books and online resources. Until recently, I couldn't quite mentally build a framework within which to view ML approaches, justifications, performance, etc; largely, it seemed a choppy sea of techniques flotsam, and I couldn't quite "put my finger" on the subject. And then, fortuitously, I came across your book! I believe it provides a much needed principled approach to the subject, systematically covering the core essentials, and, especially in a manner that also nicely balances readability & mathematical rigor. Now I have a mental framework using which I can place ML developments. As a ML novice, no doubt I risk being shot down for making such bold statements, however, I suspect I'm probably not far from the truth in assessing the utility and need for such an expository text . I wouldn't be surprised if there aren't a ton of other ML beginners who are as appreciative of your book, course, and exposition, as I am. Thank you, Sir, for your wonderful book! I look forward to your upcoming online course!
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