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Default Problem 1.9

I'm working through this problem and stuck on (b).

Since P[u_n \geq \alpha] \leq e^{-s\alpha}U(s), we get
\prod_{n=1}^N P[u_n \geq \alpha] \leq (e^{-s\alpha}U(s))^N

We also know\prod_{n=1}^N P[u_n \geq \alpha] \leq P[\sum_{n=1}^N u_n \geq N\alpha] = P[u \geq \alpha]

Both terms in the desired inequality is bigger than the common term, so I don't know how these two inequalities can lead to the desired conclusion, what did I miss?

Also, in (c), why do we want to minimize with respect to s and use that in (d)?
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