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Originally Posted by Andrew87 View Post
Hi, I'm working on the 6-th question but I can't get the solution.

I solved Q5 and I found a probability to get \upsilon = 0 on just one sample (N=10) of 0.0047. Then to compute the probability to get at least one sample with \upsilon = 0, I modeled the number of samples with 0 red marbles N_0 with a binomial random variable B(0.0047, 1000). Hence, the probability I need is

P(N_0 \geq 1) = 1 - P(N_0 = 0)


P(N_0 = 0) = (1 - 0.0047)^{1000} = 0.009

Finally P(N_0 \geq 1) = 0.991, so my closest answer is [3] = 0.550, however the solution report [c] as right answer. Where did I make a mistake ? Thank you in advance for your time (and sorry for my english).
I did the math and the probability that one sample has no red marbles, which is 0.45^{10} evaluates to approximately 0.00034 rather than 0.0047.
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