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Default Discussion of Lecture 11 "Overfitting"

Links: [Lecture 11 slides] [all slides] [Lecture 11 video]

Question: (Slide 10/23) It seems, that this situation is not typical, because the data points are clashed together. Should not we space the points evenly? Would we get a different result in that case?

Answer: To make sure, that the general result is not a fluctuation, the experiment was produced multiple times for each value of noise level and order of the polynomial. In each run points were chosen independently according to the uniform distribution. You can see this result on the slide 13/23. You may see some coincidences on the example on slide 10/23, but they were probably averaged out.

So the short answer is: you may interpret the figure on the slide 10/23 as an illustration and the slide 13/23 as the final result.
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