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Default Re: Discussion of the VC proof

Yes, this is a typo. Thank you for pointing it out. You have it correct.

If A and C imply B, then

P[B|C]  \ge P[A|C]

Originally Posted by ilson View Post
I was going through the proof in Appendix A and I just want to make sure that something written towards the bottom of pg. 189 is a typo.


should read

I'm 99.999999999999% sure this is indeed a typo since the latter case easily follows from reverse triangle inequality and it suffices to show the inequality in (A.3) and I cannot see how one can arrive at the implication in the former case nor how the former case implies the inequality (A.3), but it would ease my mind if I can get a verification that it is a typo. Thank you in advance!
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