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Default Re: Problem 3.3 Typo

I used the brute force method as you said, however, it still seems like the two regions are separated by a line (maybe a little curve). Also, I get the same plot by using the Matlab function fsolve. It's a little strange.

Originally Posted by magdon View Post
The hypothesis is not a line. The hypothesis is a region on the 2-dimensional space that is +1 and the complement of that region is -1. The boundary that separates the +1 from the -1 region is a line for linear classification. For nonlinear classification the boundary is something else. In either case you can identify the boundary by identifying the regions which are +1 and the regions which are -1.

For nonlinear boundary, there may be more than one x2 for a given x1 or even no x2 for a given x1. This is why the brute force approach is the simplest for identifying the boundary.
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