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Default Re: Noisy Target vs Target Distribution,Deterministic Target vs Deterministic Target

Apologies for the confusion.

Noisy target and deterministic target refer to a specific target value (for example at a specific point x). So you have a data point (x,y).

If y=f(x), we say that y is a deterministic target and f is a deterministic target function.

If for the same value of x you may observe different values of y (the example in the book: several people may have the same income but some may default on credit debt and some may not), then we say that y is a noisy target - its value is not deterministically determined given x. The way we model this situation is using a target distribution P[y|x]. So P[y|x] is the distribution of the (noisy) target, and we call it the target distribution.

Hope this helps.

Originally Posted by ntvy95 View Post
Hello, I am confused by the meaning of these four words:

Noisy Target vs Target Distribution

I understand that a target distribution is a probability distribution, but how about noisy target? What is a noisy target? A value or a function or a probability distribution?

Deterministic Target vs Deterministic Target Function

Same above, I understand that a deterministic target function is a function, but how about deterministic target? A value or a function?


Is y here a value or a function?

I am very confused...

Thank you very much for your time spending on here.
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