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Default Re: *ANSWER* questions w linear regression & weight decay

I re-did #2 using Octave instead of Clojure. I'm a big Clojure fanatic; it's always the first tool I reach for, but I have to say when doing a lot of matrix stuff Octave is a lot more fun. Strangely, I got exactly the same weights for linear regression using the pseudo-inverse with Octave that I had gotten with Clojure, but I seem to have gotten the right answer with Octave for the in-sample and out-of-sample classification errors. So I'll just take this as showing that Octave is a lot less error-prone for me for this type of problem than Clojure is. (I still don't see what's wrong with my Clojure. If it were problems with Clatrix (bugs or numerical instability) I would think it would have shown up when doing the linear regression to get the weights, not just when calculating in-sample and out-of-sample errors. Oh, well, I guess I'll stick with Octave since that seems to be helping me the most at the moment. (I also had problems with my current evaluation copy of Mathematica.)
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