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Default Re: Neural Network predictions converging to one value

Thanks for your comment. If I understand your post correctly, you're saying that maybe the inputs are not far from random? Well, I'm hoping that's not the case, but it's certainly possible that my representation of the actual input has some issues, as I was trying out what, to my knowledge, may be a non-standard way to represent this input.

And just to complete the picture about the training runs ... I did run it for 100 epochs with the same initial values, and I completed 50 runs with different random initial settings. I had to stop it mid-way through the 100 random runs, as it was beginning to sort of take over my computer. :-) I ran these with no regularization, and none of them showed the “identical predictions” problem, though they do not show good learning behavior. But with regularization, I do see the problem.
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