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Default Re: Weekly readings?

Originally Posted by ArikB View Post
I started with this course last time it ran but had to quit due to time constraints (ML and econometrics together are a bit too much, even though they're complementary in some ways). Now I'm back and I have purchased the book. I noticed that the layout of the book is a bit different than the way the lectures are structured. So I would like to know which parts should be read each week? I learn a lot from self study of the slides + book.
The book uses the same terminology of the lectures, although the order of topics may be not be exactly the same (Lecture 3 belongs to Chapter 3, out of sequence). The easiest way is to lookup the technical terms of each lecture in the book index and also in the (short) table of contents.

The topics that are not covered by the book have complementary material posted here on the forum.
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