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Default Re: PLA: Is randomly selecting the update important?

The proof for the PLA convergence is given as a guided problem 1.3 (Enjoy!)

The proof applies no matter which misclassified point you pick at each iteration.

In practice I have not observed significant differences between first misclassified and random misclassified.

As pointed out picking a misclassified point requires some overhead. In CS-speak, it takes O(N) time. To pick the first one (first according to index), make a pass through the data picking the first point that is misclassified. For a random one, do the same but passing through the data in a random order.

Originally Posted by Yann222 View Post
Thanks, I'll have to check out the proof for myself, but trust you're right. I assume the book contains a proof, just haven't gotten my hands on copy yet (in transit).

As for performance between selecting 1st mismatch vs. random mismatch, I double-checked by running my code both ways a few times and random choice took considerably fewer iterations. Hopefully the other poster mixed it up when typing...
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