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Default Re: Where to find explanation for Hoeffding's Inequality ?

Originally Posted by alinsoar View Post
I am looking for a detailed explanation for this.
It seems that this inequality is the mother of ml.
Interesting. I thought we were now studying the theoretical underpinnings of why ML works - but that the real mother of ML is the million dollar prize from Netflix. That is, the mother of ML is that there are effective techniques that can be seen to work for prediction: You know it works, because you leave some of the data over for testing, and when you're done, the g hypothesis does a very good job predicting on the new test data.
When you have that, you have Machine Learning, and the theoreticians can come later and explain why. Am I wrong?

As an example, I do know that Quantum Computing was no more than an interesting suggestion by various people (Feynman) until Shor came up with an actual working algorithm to factor very large numbers. [Working, if you'll just build a quantum computer.] That's when the field took off.
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