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Default Re: Classifying Handwritten Digits: 1 vs. 5

If you go to, click on 'supporting material' on the right and then scroll down to the `Data' section, you will find some information that can be of use. In particular, there is matlab code for plotting the digit images which takes the matrix of grayscale values and plots an image. This can be of help for developing your own code and utilities.

Originally Posted by admas View Post
Hello Professor Magdon,

I have a slightly different question related to plotting.
When I am asked to "familiarize yourself with the data by giving a plot of two
of the digit images", what do we mean by plotting the data? Are we referring to
generating a digit image from the greyscale value vector? Or are you referring to
somehow plotting the numerical values in the vector, itself? I have a feeling that it is
the former, but I am not familar with image generation from greyscale pixels.

Any guidance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
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