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Default Re: About the Problem 3.17b

I have almost understund the problem. But still have a question that what the meaning of the resulting of E(u+∆u,v+∆v) in Part (b), (e-i), and (e-ii). Is it a number or a formula?

Also what the difference of the two parts of (e). One is to minimize E2, the other is to minimize E(u+∆u,v+∆v). So, what the difference of those two?

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Yes, in this problem you can use (u,v)=(0,0) from part (a).

||(∆u,∆v)||=0.5 means that the step size \eta=0.5.

In the chapter we considered two step sizes. First where the step size was fixed at \eta. Second where the step size is proportional to the norm of the gradient. Here, for part (b) the step size is fixed at 0.5.
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