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Default Re: HW6 - Q 2 thru 6 - make sure you apply abs() to the last 2 features!

In case it's any comfort, I'll tell you a story from when I was actually attending Caltech. Must have been around 1979. Richard Feynman, may he rest in peace, decided to give a class to undergraduates, which he hadn't done for a while. Nuclear physics. Of course, we were all tremendously excited. As it happened, it didn't work out for me at all, for two reasons: 1) He just didn't care how many calculations he had to do; he liked calculations. He'd write these huge matrices of equations for the nuclear energy or something, and multiply and invert them on the board. For weeks. (This was before Mathematica, of course.) You'd come into the class the next time, and there were all those matrices still waiting on the board. Discouraging - at least for me. 2) The other thing was grades. We were still young enough to think that our grades meant something, and nervous about them. Feynman had a very clear attitude towards grades: anyone who wants to study physics should care about physics and not in the least about grades. He refused to discuss them in any way or form. I just couldn't deal with it and dropped the class. My loss, of course.
In the end, he gave every single person who stuck with the course a Pass, regardless of how well they did. A couple of my friends got notes on their finals like, You probably shouldn't take this next term.
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