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Default Re: How to do the homework?

@dudefromdayton, your remarks stir curiosity. Could you be more specific please, as with an example, of how to make an "educated guess" on these homeworks (that's correct!)? Does doing so presume prior education on the subject of the questions (beyond the basic prerequisites stated)? How can one make an educated guess when not yet educated on the subject? I'm not trying to be snarky, just curious about what you mean.

I, too, found the homeworks time-consuming and somewhat tiring, and would love to know any shortcuts! I did OK in the end, but it took a lot of work, suggesting that my understanding is shallow.

Even more curious, how did you make reasonable estimates for any of the problems requiring simulations? Did you use relationships, equations, etc. known to practitioners, but not mentioned in class yet? For example, results reported from the Homework 1 PLA simulation suggest that iterations to convergence is close to N, the training set size (for randomly choosing a misclassification to update). If that hypothesis is correct, and was known beforehand, then of course, answering correctly was trivial without doing the programming.

Would appreciate any helpful hints. Thanks!

Originally Posted by dudefromdayton View Post
If you're exhausted, I might suggest making an educated guess at some of the answers. ..... For the first two homework sets, I found a strong correlation between the estimates I could make without a computer, and the experimental results obtained after a lot more work.
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