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Default Re: HW 7, Q5 - a bit vague formulation

Originally Posted by dvs79 View Post
1. "Chosen model" means models which we chose using validation (in Q1 and Q3)? Or models, chosen on basis of Eout (Q2 and Q4)?

2. How should we evaluate Eout here, in Q5 - just take Eout from results of Q2 and Q4? Or using chosen model, train the model on the whole D (in.dta) again and evaluate Eout on out.dta?
1. Chosen model is the one based on validation (Q1 and Q3).

2. Yes, take results from Q2 and Q4. No restoration of the data set in this case as stated in the preamble, so train only using the training examples (which is already done).
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