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Default Re: Matlab solutions?

I'm on the fence with this assignment. I purchased a Big Package last week, and I used it for the homework. It was my first departure from C for this course.

On this assignment, C would be more convenient for me, in the sense that I have other places I might plug my SVM into. I also think performance would be a lot better. I'm thinking that the GNU Scientific Library should have something we could use, which would keep us in the familiar realm of C.

I'll update this post as I find more out, but for the time being I have to feed several people.

UPDATE: GNU GSL doesn't have anything. Elsewhere, I'm not coming up with a practical package, and I *still* have to feed several people. Ciau!

UPDATE 2: (food's on the stove) A little insight with this problem lends itself to non-QP means of finding the support vectors. It won't generalize into real life, but you can at least answer the questions. It's not the route I plan to follow, but it's easily reachable.
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