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Post Clarification Required for PLA problem approach

According to the statement (as far as i could infer) I :
1.Create a database of lets say 1000 points and apply the target function (randomly chosen) to get their respective o/p(+1/-1)

2. in question 7, N=10, I pick up 10 random points (1 sample set) from the created database and get my 'g' using the PLA. Now, since I have a 'g' on which points do I apply it and then calculate Pr[f!=g] exactly??
As mentioned I perform the same thing on 1000 sample sets. and calculate Average Pr and Average number of iterations to converge. So, essentially I am converging to 1000 different 'g's. Is this right?

similarly for N=100??
Please, correct if there is any discrepancy.
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