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Originally Posted by giridhar1202 View Post
But isn't \mu fixed when you choose a particular hypothesis h. [ Because number of red marbles is equal to the number of points in the input space where hypothesis ( h ) and target function ( f ) disagree. And this, in my opinion, has nothing to do with probability distribution function
The number of marbles, or the fraction of marbles, is a simplification to make the experiment more intuitive. In reality, each marble has a probability of being picked, namely P({\bf x}), that may be different for other marbles. This affects the total probability of red marbles, which is \mu.

To take a simple example, Let's say that there are only two marbles in the bin, one red and one green, but the red marble has a higher probability of being picked than the green marble. In this case, \mu is not 1/2 though the fraction of red marbles is 1/2.
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