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Originally Posted by jcmorales1564 View Post
In Q1, it says that “f is fixed”. This is a case where f is known. I am unclear by what it means by f being fixed.
I understand how the cases where f was excplicitly given can cause confusion, as this seems to go against the main premise of unknown target function. The best way to resolve this confusion is to assume that someone else knows what the target is, and they will use that information to evaluate different aspects of our learning process, but we ourselves don't not know what f is as we try to learn it from the data.

Having said that, the notion of 'fixed' is different. Q1 describes two learning processes (with two different hypothesis sets) and asserts that both processes are trying to learn the same target. That target can be unknown to both of them, but it is the same target and that is what makes it fixed. The point of having f fixed here is that deterministic noise depends on more than one component in a learning situation, and by fixing the target function we take out one of these dependencies.
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