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@elkka: Well the "deterministic noise" is actually independent of N, refer to lecture 08 slide 20, You can see that the "bias" remains the same no matter how large N becomes. With increasing N it is the variance that becomes smaller and hence overall Eout becomes smaller. As I understand it, if you have infinite training sets, then it does not matter whether you have 10 points in each set or 10,000 points, the average hypothesis will remain the same. In case of 10 points, the different hypotheses we get from each training set will be spread all over the place but they will be "centered" around the same hypothesis (i.e. the average hypothesis). In case of 10,000 points, the individual hypotheses will be less spread out but again they will be centered around the same hypothesis as that in the 10 points. "Bias" only depends upon the mismatch between the target function and the modelling hypothesis.
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