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Default Re: Discussion of the VC proof

You are correct. We could have made other assumptions.

But there is a special reason why we DO want 1. Because we are bounding the probability, and so there is nothing to prove if we claim that a probability is less equal to 1. So, whenever the RHS (i.e. the bound) evaluates to 1 or bigger, there is nothing to prove. So we only need to consider the case when the bound evaluates to less than 1.

Originally Posted by CountVonCount View Post

thanks for the answer. I understand this argument, however this holds also for


or for


Thus the value 1/4 is somehow magic for me.

Edit: I think you choose 1/4 because it is so easy to see, that the RHS of Theorem A.1 gets 1. Nevertheless with a different value you would get a different outcome of the final formula.
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