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Default Re: Programming in the course

I didn't know any useful languages for this course, so got a head start a week ago and installed Octave and watched some tutorials/surfed to get a decent handle on it (I've used VBA, SAS, and C before).

I'd find a little discussion around useful functions or techniques used by others in programming for this course helpful. For example, for flipping 1,000 coins 10x each I had coded two for-loops that cycled through an array, but I later found some code on the forum using randi([0 1],10,1000) - this not only kept my code more readable and short but sped up the runtime enormously. Anything along those lines would be greatly appreciated, or maybe just a link to something online that others have found useful.

Also, hopefully this isn't too lazy on my part, some pointers on what plotting commands others use to visualize the homework would be welcome. I haven't used this with any success so far...
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