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Default Re: Prerequisites for the course?

I think it is quite doable given your background. There are resources on the web, such as Khan academy videos (I know of them by reputation, but not in detail) and even wikipedia, that can help with further preparation.

I would suggest, between now and the start of the course on edX, that you look at Lectures 1-3 of the course on youtube or iTunes. You can then look up background material at a relaxed pace to make you understand these lectures well. They involve probability, matrices and calculus. You can also try to program some of the equations presented in these lectures and perhaps plot some results to warm up your programming skills.This way, you will acquire targeted background, and also get a head start on the course so that you are not pressured by basic prerequisites in the heat of the battle.

Good luck. Please let us know if a particular resource was useful for this background so others in a similar situation can benefit from it.
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