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Default Re: Perceptron Learning Algorithm

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Can you explain the math in terms of the points I listed?

(1,1,3), (1,3,7), (1,2,3), and (1,4,7). These map ++ and - -

What exactly happens? During the first iteration, what actual numbers does the computer compare?

My eventual f vector should be (1,2,-1),right? That represents the line y=2x when rewritten 0=2x-y in matrix notation. Shouldn't my eventual result look pretty darn similar to that?

I really am trying on this, and I've literally taken all of the required prereq. courses. It's just that I'm not an engineer. The notations don't make as much sense unless I see it in some sort of context. I copied a python PLA script from the net, but python isn't my "native" language, so I'm still trying to figure out exactly what it does.
There is a nice writeup in the Wiki which might help.

In particular, look at the section called Learning Algorithm Steps. It hopefully will get you started.
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