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Default Re: Perceptron Learning Algorithm

Originally Posted by GraceLAX View Post
I think it would be interesting if we can all input our actual numbers and
you later show a histogram of what people entered on their homework
solutions. ;-)
I cannot speak for the Caltech instructor but in my NTU class I ask each student to do so on there own (repeating the procedure for, say, 1000 times) and plot the histogram. That is an interesting first assignment.

Originally Posted by GraceLAX View Post
I'm having a hard time deciding how to answer the multiple choice Q 7-10.
The answer depends upon if I use log or linear scaling.
Aren't CS algorithm efficiencies usually classified in log scaling?
Or am I over-thinking this?
I personally don't see any need to consider scaling.

Originally Posted by GraceLAX View Post
If an algorithm always converges would the Pr(f(x) ne g(x)) = 0?
You can see my replies here:

Hope this helps.
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