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Default Re: Chapter 1 - Problem 1.3

Despite the slides I still have difficulty reading the equations.

In my PLA program weights are updated by "the difference between the 'target function line' and x2" for a misclassified example from a 2-dimensional space.

Example target function line: 2 + 3x. If x1 = 3 en x2 = 9, y = 9- (2+3*3) = -2
If misclassified the weights would be updated like: wt+1 = wt + x1 * -2
The method above maybe omits advantages of vector computation(?) as seen in the slides, but I was happy the simulation worked at all

The theoretic approach of this course seems more useful in the long term than 'simply learning to type methods', but for me is new and challenging.

So my questions are:
- is p a random symbol? I can't find it in the overview.
- does min1 < n < N stand for the sum of function (x) in range N?
- is yn the positive or negative difference between the target line and coordinate x2 (staying with the 2-dimensional graphical model)?
- I understand a little simple linear algebra for linear regression. Are vector computations making the understanding of this PLA equation easier?

Thanks in advance!
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