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Default Re: I think Q9 average number of irritations is related to implementation of PLA?!

Originally Posted by yaser View Post
The averaging over a large number of randomly generated samples should take care of these variations, though. Did you get two different answers after averaging over two sets of samples each generated according the the problem specs?
Ah... I see my mistake now. I generated data x1,...,xn (uniformly on [-1,1]^2) and I fixed it forever. Then, I applied the PLA 1000 times to learn from the fixed data. (In every run, at each iteration, the PLA chooses the misclassified point randomly). In this way I obtain figure 1. Next, I generated new data x1',...,xn', fixed it, and applied the PLA 1000 times again. This resulted into figure 2.

Instead of fixing the sample, I should have generated new data for each PLA run!

Thank you! Looking forward to solving HW2
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