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Default Re: I think Q9 average number of irritations is related to implementation of PLA?!

Originally Posted by data_user View Post
In general, isn't it true that the number of iterations significantly depends on the data? Say, it could be k but also it could be 10*k, depending on the sample x1,...,xN?
You are correct. The number of iterations does depend on the sample. The averaging over a large number of randomly generated samples should take care of these variations, though. Did you get two different answers after averaging over two sets of samples each generated according the the problem specs?

BTW, as alluded to in the preamble of the homework, the goal of the question is to make sure that you go through the experiment, analyze it, and understand the algorithm well. The plots you included in your post look great and they show that the goal was achieved. Having said that, the answer in the solution key should certainly be the correct answer.
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