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Default Re: Page 47 / Lecture 6 (10 min) Partitioning the table

Originally Posted by markact View Post
"Some dichotomies on these N-1 points appear only once" Okay, so to me, this implies we have 2^(n-1) rows for the first set (S1).
At most 2^{n-1} since it's not necessary that all of them are there. The fact that there may be that many does not play a role in the argument.

"The remaining dichotomies on the first n-1 appear twice, once with +1 and once with -1" How can this be true...?
The +1 and -1 are the entries in the last (n^{\rm th}) column. The dichotomies on the first n-1 columns appear twice as they appear once with +1 and once with -1 in the last column.
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