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Default Re: How do you typically learn the material?

I watch the videos, then go through the book more slowly. I'm often surprised to find that some subjects are covered much more thoroughly in the videos (neural networks was an extreme example). I rarely have the patience for the Q&A at the end of the lectures; usually I can't even tell what the question was. Then I do the HW, carefully checking the book again for the problems as it often has more details and extra problems that can help. Usually for the HW I need to keep the lecture slides in front of me for reminders.
Also, I look often at this forum, as difficulties that I have on the HW usually show up here.

By the way, I find the homework for this course very remarkable. Just send us off to program the problem any way we choose, and the answer is closest to which of these numbers... brilliant, and scary. I rarely know if I did it right till I submit.
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